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Cave Tiles

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An  pixel art tileset (16x16)

This is my second Pixel Art Pack, based on cave/mine theme.

This pack contains tiles like: Pickaxe, Rocks ( a lot), crystals, ropes, ladders, stairs, mushrooms, elevators, stalagmites and stalactites, lamps, ores, TNTs, railroads, carts, doors and more!

Pack includes:
• 1 background (3 layers)
• 1 tileset
• 1 Enemy (golem) with idle, walk and running sprites.

Free to use on non-commercial games. If you will use on an commercial game, please donate (any value) or buy. :)

Bundle Rewards/Goals:

- $40 - Forest and Cave pack Revamped
- $60 - New free pack (Desert/Beach)
- $100 - New free pack (Pine Forest)
- $150 - Animated sprites packs (animals, monsters)
- $170 - Icon Pack
- $200 - New pack (Swamp)
- $240 - New pack (Underwater)
- $270 - New pack (Dungeon)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsassets, cave, kauzz, Pixel Art, Tileset


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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Kauzz Cave 157 kB

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A good asset which we need it.  Do you accept crypto?

Hi Kauzz, these tiles and animations are so wonderfully made 👍

Love the crystal art, the colour pallette you used is on point.

Do you mind if your assets is used in adult-oriented games?

For Example,

Crisis Point Extinction,

Future Fragments,


Hello! Thank you! The tiles can be used in any kind of project, no problem. :)

This looks great! It projects those claustrophobic and unknown feelings that I love oh-so-much in caves. 

hey Kauzz! i know you made these sprites a while ago, however, i was wondering something. I am part of a very small modding community for a pixel game. Nobody in the community makes any money from modding the game, we all do it because we love the game. Now your sprites would make absolutely perfect decals for this game. (Celeste) Now the only problem is that all the decals are on one sheet. However I was wondering, because I singlehandedly separated all the individual sprites from the sheet, could I distribute these decals as a mod? Once again, I will make no money off of this, and will in fact be calling it the Kauzz decal pack, and you will have full credits. Do you think i could do this?

Hey. Oh, alright, no problem. :)

Thanks a bunch! I'm sure this will help plenty of people make mods!

I pressed "claim" but I'm not sure what happened. It says that I "own" this pack. Did I do something wrong? I mean, it's still yours, right??

hahahah, yeah, still's mine, you claim your download. :)

thank goodness! Lol. Thank you for the response. By the way, I like your work very much

Cara, acabei de descobrir, na sua página, que você é brasileiro. Legal! Eu tbm sou. Estou querendo fazer um jogo que se passa em uma cidade e com pelo menos 50 personagens humanos diferentes. Você faz serviço por encomenda? Grato demais pela resposta.

I like it!!!! Great work. Beautifully done