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An  pixel art tileset (16x16)
Based on SunnyLand, by Ansimuz

This pack is been reviewed since it's taken a lot of views
(premium asset for a while)
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This is my first pixel art pack, and my first plataform tileset too. I've made this pack because recently I've started to work with GMS2, and downloaded the SunnyLand Forest, by Ansimuz. I love that style and started to redraw the tiles, using the same palette. I've took a lot of references from this pack on my first tiles (trees and bushes), and actually I'm able to make the tiles on my own.

Check the new version of this pack!

This pack contains tiles like: Trees, rocks, wines, bushes (a lot), walls, roofs, floors, water, mine carts, rails, tables, bookshelfs, tall grass, bridges, stairs, signs, farm stuff, mushrooms and more. You be able to make at least 3 different maps with those tiles, like: Forest, Caves, Lakes/Underwater, and Interior maps.

Pack Includes:

• At least 100 tiles
• 2 Trees 
• 2 Backgrounds
• An frog, an snake, 2 bats and a 2 fish sprites
• Smoke and fire particles
• Animated Seaweed, Tree and Bush
• Animated water for Swamp and Lake
• Bubbles, Coins and some other animated stuff

Bundle Rewards/Goals:

- $40 - Forest and Cave pack Revamped
- $60 - New free pack (Desert/Beach)
- $100 - New free pack (Pine Forest)
- $150 - Animated sprites packs (animals, monsters)
- $170 - Icon Pack
- $200 - New pack (Swamp)
- $240 - New pack (Underwater)
- $270 - New pack (Dungeon)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tags2D, asset, GameMaker, graphic, Pixel Art, plataform, Tileset, Unity


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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That's actually one of the bests tilesets I've ever seen I like it, good job


It looks pretty cool, I love this kind of environments for 2D games


can i use this Pack inside a Commercially Project?

Sure! :)

I have been trying to use this tilemap in construct, but it gets really messy when I zoom in to it.  Is that the tilemap or is that some problem with the program?

I don't know right, I guess it's problem with the program. What is the problem?

It's fine in the tile map, but in the editor some things space out by a pixel in a random directio.

Oh, that's bad. I've never used the construct so I don't know how the editor works, but on the GMS2 and Unity everything looks fine. Maybe you will need to adapt some stuff to works with the editor patterns. Anyway, I'll try to download the trial this week and try to put the tiles on. :)

Cool, thanks for that.  I'm learning Unity, so I'm glad it works well there.  Overall, great art, I love it.  It must have been quite a bit of work.

wow this is really great do you mind if i use it in my free android game you will be cedited

Sure! No problem. :)

(3 edits) (+1)

this pixel art, it's pretty beautiful, congrats

(1 edit) (+1)

This is SUPER ULTRA EXTRA BOMBASTIC pack! I adore this style!!

You are so good!!! Congrats!!


Great job! Keep it up! :)

Deleted 2 years ago

You will need to adapt in this case, but you can, sure. :)


I loved it. Do you have plans to do an ice or sand ground tile?

Hello Carlos. Yes. I'll start to work on a new pack today, and probably next week I  can publish. My plan is make an entire collection based on this style, with themes like: Caves, Ice/fire caves, swamps, jungles, deserts, factory, sci-fi, castles, mansions and etc. :)

On my plans the next packs will be caves and desert tiles (maybe with a temple too)

Great. But do you have plans to maintain the same style as this pack? It will be great to be able to create even more levels!

Sure, the whole collection will be in this same style. :)


It's really nice! I love it.

Thank you ❤

I'll make an update with few more files in few days. :)

Cool! I'm waiting for it.