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I like it and i use it in my game "Night society". Thank you for your hard work

I love your designs so much I bought the whole bundle. I can't stand how cartoony most tilesets look and the amount of detail in your textures are awesome. Using these for my first attempt at making a game. Can't wait to see what else you have coming in the future :)

Thank you! ♥ :) 

Question... is there a limit to how many times you can use these under one purchase? Like if I sold a game using these, would I have to purchase again before being able to use them in another game?

Nope, since you bought, you can use many times you want, in any kind of project. x)

Awesome! Thanks again


i like your assets so much :) I have a quick Question: It is possible to recreate you're free VX Ace Tiles to RPG MV? Maybe I can pay you for this.

Hi Kentaroo. Do you want some specific tile? I have a lot of tiles made in 32x32 scale, and remake all of them in 48x48 is not a option right now, but I can think about some specific tileset. ;)


thanks for the Answer. I use youre Modern Basic + Tiles in 48x48 px an need a some Police Stuff for a Police Department. Do you plan other Modern + Assest packs?

Hey! Actually I'm working on a new collection (but I guess could match with Modern+, didn't test both together yet). The next Modern+ pack is a Mall pack, with tilesets to build like cloth stores, supermarkets, arcades, some banks and etc. Maybe I can add something like a gun shop if will helps, and work with office packs in the future. :)

That sounds good :) Btw... do you have Patreon?

I am very impress from you work and would like to support you directly.  But do you have the bundling sales on you website?

PS. I will use on my MV project.

Yes, you can find them here: (the first post :) )
Thank you!

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I bought the wrong pack and meant to buy the outside pack instead. I commented on your post on Facebook and you said you'd give me a refund asap. I appreciate it if you can.


I send you to your e-mail a copy of Modern+ Outside Pack as a gift. You can use both of them. Thank you. :)